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Smart Products

INOX Smart Solutions

INOX Smart was created with the purpose of offering people a safer, simpler lifestyle by making access management easy.

We offer swing door smart locks, sliding door smart locks, and all-in-one access control units.  These smart locking solutions integrate with a subscription-free Smart App to offer advanced cloud-based access management features.

INOX Smart App

Integrated Smart Locks and Access Control

INOX offers a subscription-free Smart App with advanced cloud-based access management features, including door status monitoring and scheduled passage/privacy mode.  


Smart Locks and Access Control are integrated into a single environment to create an all-inclusive access management hub with unlimited properties, openings, and users.  Multiple levels of users and permissions allow complete customization across an entire portfolio of properties.

Meet the new Smart Interconnect!

The Smart Interconnect is a perfect solution for residential, multi-family/multi-tenant, Class A Office, and assisted & senior living facilities.


This lock offers simple single-action egress by retracting both the latch and the deadbolt when the inside lever is engaged, and a unique single design that facilitates new installation and retrofits for both 4” center-to-center and 5.5” center-to-center applications.

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