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INOX offers two AIA accredited continuing education courses.

Click the "Course Schedule" button and fill out a quick form to receive information on our course presentation schedule.  If you belong to a firm that would like a private Lunch and Learn event, please select the Lunch and Learn option on the registration form and we will contact you to schedule the training.

Course #1:

Smart Locks: Access Management Made Easy!


Understanding how smart locks work can be advantageous for architects, specifiers and construction professionals to help their clients design and develop properties with enhanced security, efficiency, and simplicity in access management. 


Smart locks are quickly moving beyond mechanical functions to create streamlined, efficient lifestyles. 


This course discusses the technology, features and benefits of smart locks while outlining current trends and options. 

Course #2:

Sliding Door Locking Solutions for Commercial Spaces

The use of sliding doors in commercial applications is increasing at an exponential rate as facilities embrace the ability to reclaim previously unused space and create wider paths of travel.


This course is designed to provide architects, designers, and specifiers with a comprehensive understanding of sliding door locking solutions in commercial spaces and the role of door hardware in ensuring safety, security, and accessibility.


By analyzing case studies and exploring the features and benefits of sliding door locking solutions, participants will be able to make informed decisions when specifying sliding door systems for commercial spaces.

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